My first word to share my experience would be Fantastic. I would definately recommend Abhishek and Wedlock Imagery team for wedding photography, pre wedding, post wedding and all other different occassions. I did not find any cons from them. Couple of pro's from my side: 1. Very friendly and nice behaviour from him and his team 2. All photos and quality are quite good. 3. You cannot say a photo bad so while choosing your album you would be confused to discard any photo. 4. Very nice quality and advanced equipments for photography. 5. Cost is also okay 6. Responsive, on time, punctual and you will get all your photos right after your occassion. 7. Apart from traditional photos you will get portrait, candid, fish eye and other new edge shots which you will really like. I wish this photographer and his team all the success in their profession.

Wedlock Imagery বলতে এককথায় অসাধারণ ফটোগ্রাফি আর বন্ধুতার মিশেল! প্রি- ওয়েডিং থেকে শুরু করে আইবুড়োভাত, গায়ে হলুদ টপকে বিয়ে, তারপরে আরো সমস্ত রীতিনীতিকে সযত্নে সুন্দর হাতে ফ্রেমবন্দী করার এতো ভালো প্রকাশ খুব কম জায়গায় দেখেছি। রিসেপশন এর ছবি, সঙ্গে ঝাঁ চকচকে ভিডিওগুলো আমাদের কাঙ্খিত হাতে চটজলদি তুলে দেবার জন্য কোনো ধন্যবাদ যথেষ্ট নয়। অভী এবং তার গোটা টীমকে কুর্নিশ। আপনারাও এরকম সুন্দর মুহূর্তগুলোকে সারাজীবন উপভোগ করতে চাইলে, বারবার ঘুরে ফিরে দেখতে চাইলে নির্দ্ধিধায় wedlock imagery এর কাঁধে ফটো এবং ভিডিওর দায়িত্বটা দিয়ে দিন। ঠকবেন না! ❤️Wedlock Imagery❤️

I wish I could give him 10 stars out of 5.Unfortunately when I was getting married this lad Abhishek was busy on other assignments, so couldn't book him for my most cherished experience.. and also the photography done on my wedding was horrible not to forget so my wife and I both were sad that since the best moments of our life was not captured well in frame,however then we thought of an idea to have the post wedding and babai as his nickname was my automatic choice Its a great experience to be the face of his captures he puts life into those frame and trust me I am not exaggerating .. My wife And I both are super happy.. love you Abhishek... and to say.. I am not done yet.. 😉😄

A great team..great concepts..thank you Abhisek and Wedlock Imagery team for your great effort..loved ur work..wish you great success ahead.

I got to know about Wedlock Imagery 3 years back and now all my special memories are being captured through their lenses. The USP of this team is relationship and I believe it's reflects in your pics . Entire team believes in innovation , simplicity and understand your moments. They are truly dedicated towards their work and team spirit is extremely high. Keep going Team Wedlock Imagery and all the best for future endeavours.

Abhishek, one of the members of wedlock imagery, is very well known to us. We have followed his wedding photography work from the begining. We have got some new flavour in his work. So, it was almost decided that we shall go for wedlock imagery to capture one of our life's great moment. wedlock imagery was absolutely amazing from our Pre wedding to Reception and the other members (Anirban, Nilanjan) were also very cordial. They took some exquisite couple photographs. so i will suggest everyone to try wedlock imagery in their occasion.

Needless to say, Wedlock Imegery did a beautiful work in my wedding. Abhishek is very passionate and hard working. I would love to recommend him across for his work and great attitude. Thanks a lot for the lovely clicks Abhishek, wish you and your team a great success for future.

Facebook page of wedlock Imagery made us select them to capture the most awaited moment of our life.And they have done exactly what we wanted.Abhishek is really a very nice person.He can convert a camera-shy person to a model with his constant enouragement.It was a memorable experience with them.

We would like to thank team wedlock imagery. We booked both photography and video services with wedlock imagery. They were stunning! They were very friendly and helpful. Thank you for making our day so special.❤

Wedlock Imagery was the perfect choice for my wedding ceremony..avishek da & team gave such a great effort to make my wedding day special & memorable.higher quality photography,awesome candid shots,capturing golden moments from all d rituals & friendly co operating nature pleased us a lot.Keep it up Avishek Da & Team.

Abhishek and his team did a wonderful job in my wedding and reception. He has very good sense of angle, distance, aperture,lighting, exposure. It was a very good experience and my best wishes for his future plans. Highly recommended.

Selecting "Wedlock Imagery" to capture our precious moments was a wise decision. I am satisfied with their work. They have collected all our expressions in every ceremony witout inturrupting the rituals.I will book them over and over again. Last but not the least Abhishek has become a friend of mine for lifetime.

It is an excellent experience with wedlock imagery...and we r so happy with them ❤️ they gave us a golden memory with their work...not even with the photos and videos they took...but with their behavior also ❤️thank you so much "wedlock imagery"

Wedlock made our wedding memories immortal..It has a very good team..they provide us very good service and the quality of their work is highly recommendable..keep it up...All the best for your future projects..

such a great team, great work. wedlock imagery makes our wedding beautiful. thank you Abhishek and your great team.💕

Abhishek and his Wedlock Imagery team can bring out the magic out of very so called "ordinary" day to day moments. They are creative and listen to inputs and ideas of their clients. I wish all the best and tons of success to this team. I can't thank them enough for it.

Abhishek good job. You have a wonderful team to support you. Keep up the good work. I am sure you will get more success in future

Wedlock imagery r Sathe sei march e alap. Tarpor onek planning pre wedding niye..Abhisek onek sojjo kreche amadr dujon r abdar...aye oye sei..tarpor engagement diye suru...khub Bhalo video r photos diye mughdo kre diyechilo...jodio important moments e Ami dhariyechilm...😋..sei sob thak ...tarpor pre-wedding e bhor 4 te uthe location e jawa😟...akgada dress change kre ..gorom e epranto theke opranto..hatte hatte..klanto sobai...BT Abhisek r commitment dekhe amrao excited hyegechilm...khub Bhalo akta experience chilo..tarpor biye te se tar absence ta bujhte deini... constantly amdr Sathe touch e chilo.. plus aro member rao help kreche guide kreche.. kosto kreche amdr full memories gulo capture krar jnne...tarpor reception e chilen captain ... reception r jnne akdiner mdhye biye r photo edit kre dewa....commendable chilo...majh rat obdi photo shoot was a moment to cherish....journey ta sesh hye jaini ..akta treat pending ache amr jedin meet krbo diye debo... tarpor Wedlock FB page er cover plus visiting card e amdr pic ...tar jnne thanks... review ta Boro hoye gelo .best of luck to Wedlock imagery team....for future works...

খুব ভালো কাজ করে আর ব্যবহারও খুব ভালো।সবসময়ই অন্য রকম করার চেষ্টা করে।Best wishes for this team👍👍

Wedlock Imagery team was extremely friendly and cooperative. You were just awesome and made our day even more special. We felt so comfortable with you and can't express how grateful we are. Your professionalism and hard work shines through every frame and picture. <3

Wedlock Imagery team did an excellent job shooting our wedding reception party. They're very enjoyable to work with and their experiences show through their artistic eyes and a plethora of ideas. I'm beyond pleased. I would highly recommend them.

A commendable teamwork of wedlock imagery. thank u Abhisek the theme and all the images are highly appreciated by friends, relatives n others and they also praised your concepts.jst keep it up my friend. now we are excited for our wedlock. and atlast it should be mentioned that the team wedlock imagery is very cordial.

It was a wonderful experience working with Wedlock Imagery. The photographers and videographers were extremely cordial as well as immensely cooperative.The amount of friendliness mixed with professionalism in their work was very commendable.

You are doing great job Abhishek. Liked your work, approach. Definitely I will recommend you. And looking forward to work together again :) All the best

'Wedlock Imagery' - ur work with us is really worthy to praise. Abhishek & his entire team was very cooperative & very friendly. Thanks a lot for making my D day very very special to us.

Excellent work..... No word to describe......and thank u so much...

Very creative & conceptual photography.... Obviously hardwork with smartness makes a man perfect. Avishek has that potential.

He really is a good Photographer! ❤ Hardworking and his concepts are really good.

Abhishek da & the team of Wedlock imagery.. Firstly, Thank u so much for making my wedding soooo special & memorable. I think only wedlock imagery has the eye to capture all the most precious moments of one's most memorable ceremony-the wedding.wedlock imagery's wedding photography is just beyond words....

“I don’t trust words. I trust pictures.” Don’t believe my words... better visit ‘Wedlock Imagery’ to be astonished. Pictures created by Abhishek and his team is just priceless.THANK YOU ABHISHEK & WEDLOCK IMAGERY TEAM. I will highly recommend Wedlock Imagery for any event to freeze the moments. Wish you lots of success.

Me n my wife would like to thank u for beautifully "royal type" album... "still smiling seeing ur all pictures" we would recommend u for future also.. Wish u great success n health ahead. Everything about your work was just beautiful.Huge Thanks.

Thank you so much for your photographs.From start to finish the service that we received was really very good.. We are really very happy and glad to choose you.. "Thanks for being around us clicking pictures"_wish you great success ahead.

Thank you so much for the amazing wedding photographs that you’ve captured on our wedding day.

Abhishek ur photography is just awsmmm.. n many many thanks for our "wooow" pre-wedding photography.. n I lyk uor "creativity ".. BTW da most awaited days r just begins & da another new creations too .. Best wishes Bro for uor photography carrier...

Thanks a lot Dada for all the stunning pre-wedding photographs.. your wonderful clicks have made our event more gorgeous.. go ahead.. god bless you.. thanks again..

Abhishek da n team... thank you so much for making our special moments of Ashirbaad and engagement more beautiful by your photography... the pics are just awesome..The album is very attractive... and the music selection in video is very much cup of tea... best wishes for your future work...

Fabulous work..just Love it..

Excellent work..Babai you are doing really really a great job.... Love your work...