Colors of Love

20 March 2019

When we meet the first time with Sambaran & Ankita they told their love story. The meetings, the concept selection everything was a funfilled journey with these two. And We had to execute a very simple yet different and special concept. Colors of love. The city of joy with its joyous colors, the couple, and the upcoming festival of Holi. The iconic greenery of Maidan, the Yellow Taxi, & the Tram added a very enchanting touch to the story. Well, let's hear their love story in short.

Now let's talk about this duo. They met at Narula Institute of Technology in the year 2009. Working through the labs, the exams, discussing their favorite Sourav Gangly to supporting each other in different ups and downs of life a friendship evolves over 4 years of engineering. Then destiny played its role and their bond became stronger. And they decided to give their bond a new dimension in the year 2019.

Thanks for choosing us Sambaran and Ankita.

Stay like this always.