Rainy Love of Akash & Anwesha

25 Oct 2019

The hero & the heroine of this story are Akash & Anwesha. They live in Malda. The love story of Akash & Anwesha was started 10 years ago. After a long relationship, they finally decided to get engaged, as a result, they started searching for a photography team to capture their priceless moments which will last for many years. After their rigorous attempts, they could not find the right choice. Suddenly one day Akash heard our name from one of his friends. He told them to check WEDLOCK IMAGERY's work on the Facebook page before deciding us as their wedding photographer. After that they contacted us.

After lot of planning & enthusiasm, we finally reached the day of their engagement. In spite of continuous two days of heavy rain, we reached Malda station at 7 AM & saw that the roads were flooded with rainwater. We somehow managed to reach at the event location. Besides all the circumstances we found some fascinating sights & decided to shoot something in that rain. But because of heavy raining, we found it very difficult to take some pictures, you can relate to all those who are in this occupation. They were surprised to hear that they had to go in the rain & give some photo poses. We went in the rain & take some pictures but we only had 15 minutes to shoot. Thanks to Akash & Anwesha for giving us those 15 minutes because the pictures in those 15 minutes will probably be remembered for rest of their lives. 15 minutes later when we finished then our real show means their engagement ceremony started. The two families came together & blessed the newlyweds. Thus the engagement of Akash & Anwesha ended very well despite a lot of rain outside. Maybe not everything happens in planning, we have to shoot a lot & for all these reasons maybe they took us for their special day.